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选择符合你学术和个人兴趣的商科和文科课程,或者根据你的能力水平选修一门西班牙语课程来提高你的语言技能, 从初级到高级. 课程在CEA马德里中心和/或Antonio de Nebrija大学授课. 提前开始选项(适用于学期学生)可以帮助你在学期开始前提高你的西班牙语技能. 在夏天, 从一系列主题中选择选修课,提升您在西班牙首都的生活和学习体验.


  • 概述
  • 地点:
  • 马德里
  • 日期:
  • 5/30/22 - 7/29/22
  • 价格:
  • $9,595
  • 学分:
  • 12
  • 最后期限
  • 申请:
  • 4/1/22
  • 撤销:
  • 5/1/22
  • 应用程序需求
  • 成绩单,非官方的
  • 在线申请费用95美元
  • 完整的应用程序
  • 资格
  • 教育
  • 高中毕业生
  • 外语能力:
  • 所有级别
  • 最低平均绩点:
  • 2.5

东航马德里中心的, courses are designed to increase your understanding of the diverse history, 政治, 和西班牙文化. 教师 uses the city as an extended classroom, allowing you to not only acquire discipline-specific knowledge, but also create intellectual links between your courses and the city.
这所小型私立大学每年接待数百名国际学生. Known for its focus on Spanish language learning, 内布里亚安东尼奥大学 也提供广泛的课程, 用西班牙语和英语授课, on its centrally located 马德里 campus.

马德里,可选用标准 东航房地产 or arrange your own independent 住房. 东航房地产 assignments are based on availability and confirmation date; we make every effort to match your 住房 requests, but we can’t guarantee 住房 preferences.


Choose a 4-week session in June, July, or combine both. Each session, you'll enroll in 2 elective courses. Each course meets for 45 contact hours/3 credits. Students in the 4-week session earn a total of 6 credits (90 contact hours); students that combine sessions earn a total of 12 credits (180 contact hours).

Classes may meet in the morning or afternoon, Monday-Friday. Active learning components required by your courses may be scheduled for Fridays.

在出发前, 您将选择您喜欢的课程,并根据它们的可用性注册课程. 由于课程的可用性,在您离开之前,您最好有多个由您的家乡大学批准的替代课程. 请咨询您的学术顾问在您的家乡大学的学分预批准的指导方针.




的 host institution has offered the following courses in the past. 请注意 that course listings may not be finalized until the start of the term; we’ll post an updated list when the host institution finalizes its offerings.



走出去探索! 远足 are offered for most semester, year, and summer programs*. 学期学生通常会有两到三次短途旅行,夏季研修学生通常会有一到两次短途旅行. You'll receive a calendar of excursions during 取向; here are a few day and overnight excursions we've offered in the past.

塞维利亚 & 加的斯

塞维利亚 & 加的斯

Your time in 塞维利亚 begins at La Maestranza, 一个臭名昭著的斗牛场, followed by a visit to Reales Alcazares, 14世纪的摩尔要塞. 游览拉吉拉尔达——世界上最大的哥特式教堂之一,据说也是克里斯托弗·哥伦布的最后安息之地——然后在一家餐馆里享用一顿美妙的午餐,餐厅的前身是一个阿拉伯澡堂. 塞维利亚狭窄的街道和小广场上排列着令人难以置信的建筑,让自己惊叹吧. 花空闲时间放松在受欢迎的公园德玛丽亚路易莎和广场España, complete with fountains and rowboat-filled canals. 您还将有时间沿着瓜达尔基维尔河河岸愉快地散步.

在沿海加的斯, Europe’s oldest continuously inhabited city, 你可以在维多利亚海滩放松一下, considered by many to be 西班牙’s best urban beach. Spend the day enjoying the sand and sun, 看冲浪, and exploring 加的斯’s picturesque historic center.



200年, 托莱多 was the capital of medieval 西班牙; today it’s the capital of Castilla la Mancha, 堂吉诃德的故乡. Known as the "City of the Three Cultures,“基督徒, 犹太人, and Muslims lived together peacefully; their legacy is a city filled with diverse, 令人印象深刻的建筑. Enjoy a captivating train tour to 托莱多’s most beautiful locations, narrated with tales from local legend and history. Art lovers will appreciate 托莱多 as the home of El Greco, 这位世界著名的文艺复兴艺术家的重要作品在这座城市都能欣赏到, 包括他的杰作, 奥加兹伯爵的葬礼, displayed in the small church of Santo Tomé. 托莱多 is particularly well known for its quality sword makers; many films, 比如《正规网赌平台排行》三部曲, 托莱多制造的剑. While students are welcome to handle and photograph the swords, you’ll need to start saving early if you want to purchase one of your own, 价格最高可达600美元. As many people consider 托莱多 the most beautiful city in 西班牙, get ready to have a remarkable experience on this excursion.



的 first thing that’ll catch your eye in 塞戈维亚 is the massive 1,有900年历史的罗马水渠几年前还在为这个迷人的小镇供水. 您还可以游览Alcázar, 这座11世纪的城堡据说是迪士尼电影《正规网赌软件排行》中城堡的灵感来源. 当地的美食本身就是一种体验,尤其是cochinillo(意大利鳕鱼).k.a. 烤乳猪). You’ll also have the chance to visit La Granja, an incredible royal palace and grounds just 10 km from 塞戈维亚.



的se morning trips allow you to explore other cities in the Community of 马德里, 参观了像阿兰胡埃斯这样的地方, Alcala de Henares, and El Escorial and Valley of the Fallen.



This budget contains costs that you can take to your financial aid office. 请注意 that amounts may fluctuate; we’ve included a range of costs.

联邦法律允许使用财政援助支付“合理的”留学费用,包括往返交通费用, 课程的学费和费用, 生活成本, 护照及签证费, 健康保险, 和更多的.

请注意,以下列出的所有费用和费用可能会在不另行通知的情况下更改. With the exception of Program Price, all costs are estimates and may vary.



Below is a tentative itinerary for your program. 请注意, dates and events below may change without prior notification. 联系 CEA before purchasing airline tickets.

You will receive a finalized itinerary once you arrive onsite.

注意:额外的文化活动/游览或必修课程相关的活动可能被纳入您的最终行程. 建议您在确定最后日期之前不要安排私人旅行.


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